Tents of hunger…

…burn effigies
of the man…

…and wait for the

Kalki shawarma…

to wipe away

not a dry eye,

in the house.

The avatar arrives at

the end of the age

on a pale steed

with the sword of cleavage…

427,000 years left in the dark yuga.

Hey wicker man…,

take a seat in rattan.

The institution

and it’s tenants

sustain the one

eyed dajjal.

Mahdi is one…

…we are legion…

_Son of Ham
By: hiroshi kuhn

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Thought Police

Everything is a story
That my mind creates
Connecting coincidence
Interpretation takes precedence
Transitions from description to dictation
I navigate a self-created narrative
That deforms the trajectory of my steps

The story is too surreal for paper
To voice it, would be aberrant
Compulsively structured ideas
I can’t select the thoughts
that appear in my consciousness
Please tell me that I am not to blame
Tell it to the Thought-Police

By: Maria Kesa

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Magic Love

“Life’s logic is found in the mysterious equations
of love.” John Forbes Nash

No other illness is stricken,
with a constant cold winter, to become a
wrestler of thoughts, beaten by his
own mind, worked by the strings of puppet God’s.
Love is a voyage of discovery.
A journey of faith, where
the bells of insanity
and divinity toll, as life’s
logic graces that child for
whom couldn’t prepare for an
orange sky.

David Holloway (c)

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Arguing and yelling
Doubting and threatening
Battle of the voices
I’m dying to stop the noises
Maybe so
End my life
Win the war
Prozac is in store
60mg pop em and swallow
My life routine
Someone save me,
This internal battle
Will be the end of me
They won
My life
The war

By: Keisha

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