They say that all the world’s

a stage and the show

is, The Gong Show.

I got the hook

sooner than a lot

of other people,

and learned to shut

the hell up and be


But I realized

later in life

that the hook was

a shepherd’s hook….,

and it wasn’t over for me just yet.

Son of Ham
By: hiroshi kuhn

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1 of the 4 of the 400

I was 1 of the 100
I became 1 of the 4
I’m dwelling with the 1 of the 1
Universal God has destroyed my life
To rebuild an open-mind3st existence
I am a lovingpeacefulfreedom believer
Wish you could Wash the Curse in 2x8y
Doing theright thing on theleft side
Don’t mess with all of us
coz we’re genius Jedi fighting an
inner Jihad against OUR Dark Side
Hope that .25 will care to cure the .75
So we can become plenty of healthy ONE

By: Michaël Jonathan Hans-Payen

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A horror of captivity, the captive’s hand forcing me down
I am falling, scared to cry, numb to pain—
It’s been too long
His hands scatter like sea gulls over the restless ocean…
No, my body…unwanted pleasure searing—
Nowhere to hide, no one to hear, no one to know.

I’ve been sold for nothing—
I was no worse than others, actually trying my best
Yet completely lost in trying
Somehow the captor seduced me
But I was hoping for glory and love,
Instead I have this:
The dust is my dwelling place:
My face is caked in it from the time I was able to cry
No tears now…

There is always a hope of a mistake from the captor…
Maybe he will get tired of me?
I am only a woman, plain from abuse.
No, hope is in the Creator—
For nothing I’ve been sold
I will be redeemed without money.

A sweetness of the fresh air, rolling emerald hills:
I am walking, colorful robe covers my body,
A robe that belongs to virgins…
How is it possible?
Past is forgotten, erased without a trace
A king extends his loving arms…

Intoxicates me with purity, passion.
I am in his arms forever.

PS. Shake thyself from the dust;
arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem:
loose thyself from the bands of thy neck,
O captive daughter of Zion.

For thus saith the Lord,
Ye have sold yourselves for nought;
and ye shall be redeemed without money.
Isaiah 52:2-3 KJV


Alexander Manhanaim

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Tents of hunger…

…burn effigies
of the man…

…and wait for the

Kalki shawarma…

to wipe away

not a dry eye,

in the house.

The avatar arrives at

the end of the age

on a pale steed

with the sword of cleavage…

427,000 years left in the dark yuga.

Hey wicker man…,

take a seat in rattan.

The institution

and it’s tenants

sustain the one

eyed dajjal.

Mahdi is one…

…we are legion…

_Son of Ham
By: hiroshi kuhn

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