The Reproach

Curse me out
Into these stark, empty ruins
Where madness lies
Like a heavy mist
And haunts this torpid ground,
Out here, on the edges of reason
Where darkness falls
Like a breathless moon
And ghosts hang In the pendant air,

By: clint southall

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What They Told Me

I was told I was strong
Strong enough to break bricks
And then I broke my body breaking that last brick
I was told I could climb higher then the clouds
And then I fell and crashed, crashed hard
I was told I could out run lions
And then one day I couldn’t run any longer
I was told I was unbreakable, I was told I was powerful, they told me I could do anything
I told them I was weak, weak enough to scar every limb on my body
I told them I was powerless, enough to surrender to life itself
I told them I was too tired, tired enough to drop to my knees without a thought to get back up
By: Samantha Fritsch

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What is Schizophrenia Poetry?

There is now a new feedback page here. Today we are defining why we write poetry. I hope you believe as I do that ‘schizophrenia poetry’ is a form of art.

Please state in your own words what schizophrenia poetry is to you? To me this blog and the poetry you discover here, is a form of poetry therapy, that allows people with schizophrenia/schizoid related illnesses to express themselves and to help define our experiences with the first person narrative.

Schizophrenia is the illness not the person. Therefore what else has society and science missed, about the nature of schizophrenia and our normal life’s? I have written with fellow medical colleagues about why I write poetry in ‘The verses of madness’: schizophrenia and poetry, published by British Medical Journal Case Reports.

Schizophrenia is the most complex mental illness known to mankind. Myth and legend plague sufferers and family members often perpetuated by the mass media. It is known as the last taboo. Therefore I encourage those who suffer with it, to help tell its story and speak out. What motivates you to write poetry; what are your experiences of schizophrenia, and why does poetry help?

I shall put together an article with your permission incorporating all your ideas giving credit to all poet’s when I have enough contributions. You will be able to download the article when it’s written. Thank you for all your support. Let’s define our world. For far too long we have been marginalised and stigmatised. Let’s stand up to stigma!

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birds neither reap nor sow

Pierced by a Spear of Sisyphean Destiny,
certified hobgoblins gave me penal time in electric Tartarus for my indolence,
then they sent me packing with a Pot’O’Mold.
But recently I aquired morphicaly
resonant phantom limbs and 12 stranded DNA.
And I realized that I just have to apply the Secret and I don’t need a job.
Da Vinci, Newton and Einstein all knew the secret…

_Son of ham
By: hiroshi kuhn

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