Wires forming again…just shadows
telling secrets, sinister sins..
here I am, once again
Synapse misfire, back and forth
this typhoon has my mind
body and soul….my heart
still beats to a broken
digital watch that keeps reading
4s,27s,43s, and 77s
shimmering blue lights
blinding in the background
as the ghosts, just shadows
I’ll say that mantra again
as my chakra cries for crystals
Crying for a voice, not you
or you or you, a voice of
my soul to be heard, make
a rhythm, song or love
Falling apart to the twisting
of these wires. Breaking out
the soldering iron just to
stay together, without
the thought of them
chasing me, breaking in
or thumb on my throat
as I sleep, if I sleep
I despise sleep, dreams
of a frost bitten brain
suffocation is all I have

By: Lowell Quillen

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