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1312, 2011


By |December 13th, 2011|Dark, Insight|Comments Off on Harmony

The state which I couldn’t understand for long
Once understood I always cursed it, abused it
Blamed it for all wrong to me
Tried to pretend that I never had it
Tried to hide that I ever had it
Perhaps I would have wasted
Rest of […]

812, 2011

Queer As Folk

By |December 8th, 2011|Dark, Paranoia, Stigma|2 Comments

When we take a look
Around, some people will
Smile, others frown. Children
Gather around those people
They trust. And with a lack
Of confidence a man who is
Unwell can be swayed off course by
A rudeness or a simple
Perhaps there in every
Crowd is a cloaked figure, […]

1911, 2011

Skins of The Mortals

By |November 19th, 2011|Current Events, Insight, Racism, Stigma|3 Comments

The sight of
Racism makes us
Judge others, or
Have visions of
War, it seeks the
Truth but its eyes
Are glazed-
Blind to love.

The sound of
Racism leaves
Us deafened
By the persecution of
Names, muted by
Noise, we learn
To hear the voice
Of reason.

The smell of
Racism makes us 
Sick. But the incense
Of hope […]

1111, 2011

Being Normal

By |November 11th, 2011|Delusion, Insight, Paranoia, Psychosis, Stigma|Comments Off on Being Normal

Too normal to receive sympathy
Too unwell to get respect,
Too sedated to have lucidity
Too conscious to see neglect,
Too bitter to find regret,

Too anxious to be confident,
Too aloof to become popular,
Too sad to be unrepentant
Too knowing to heal the scar,
Too naive to […]

1111, 2011


By |November 11th, 2011|Current Events, Media|2 Comments

An authority figure,
For the unawakened mass,
Atheism is preached to us all
It leaves audience’s aghast,

The illusion of society
Is our children’s darkest age,
When will they learn not to pacify
Us with parsley and sage,

Sure some of their tales,
Are informative and distinct,
But if we […]

811, 2011


By |November 8th, 2011|Desire, I Love You, Insight|Comments Off on Ambiance

Sultry relaxation,
Ferrel animal submission,
Waves of polar attraction,
Magnifying conversation,
Lost in the emotion,
Sexual compulsion,
War paint explosion,
Flirtatious gyration,
Mental minds of devotion,
Female suggestion,
Sumptuous connection,

David Holloway 2011 (c)

811, 2011

Time Ran Backwards

By |November 8th, 2011|Delusion, Insight, Mind Games|Comments Off on Time Ran Backwards

Lonely in a soul
anger swells inside
Looking for a sign
divine lessons everywhere
Traps and snares appear
Paralysed by hate
Puzzles too simple
to solve, make it harder
to accept
I could have it all
You can’t save me
I have put a barrier up
Your attraction is 
ignored, no repressed
In a […]

411, 2011

Failed To Objectify

By |November 4th, 2011|Dark, Insight, Mind Games|Comments Off on Failed To Objectify

Afraid to show emotion,
An attitude,
A way of thinking,
It keeps me blinking,
Fear of the unknown.
Opportunities blown,
Never knowing where to look,
Read me like a book,
Stare into my soul,
Mock the fool,
Tear my heart,
Find the weakest link,
Ignore the obvious,
Revoke the license,
No right to be […]

2710, 2011

Help Me Become A Man

By |October 27th, 2011|I Love You, Insight|Comments Off on Help Me Become A Man

Woman of human reality
Help to ease my vulnerability,
Raise me up to be your man,
I was born to work the land,
I need to make a stand.

Your female power is mighty,
And you sense my insecurity,
Won’t you help me be a man,
Only love […]

2710, 2011

Lower State of Consciousness (LSC)

By |October 27th, 2011|Insight, Stigma, Sz Tips|Comments Off on Lower State of Consciousness (LSC)

I am not writing a scientific blog, this time I’m writing about myself. I want to express the feeling and observation of being in a temporally lower state of consciousness (LSC), not psychosis, not lower intelligence, not floating.

The lower one […]

910, 2011

Born For Peace

By |October 9th, 2011|Current Events, Insight|3 Comments

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it. Dwight D. Einsenhower

If I had to kill
I would rather die,
If I had to curse,
I […]

110, 2011


By |October 1st, 2011|Uncategorized|1 Comment

It’s holding your breath,
Trying not to scream.
Listening to them, all of them…
But not responding.
Trying to act like your whole world isn’t falling apart.
Seeing shadows everywhere you go.
Not knowing what is real, or what is just […]

1609, 2011


By |September 16th, 2011|Uncategorized|3 Comments

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1109, 2011

Twin’s Scream

By |September 11th, 2011|Current Events, Dark, Insight|1 Comment

They came to
Lay the flowers.
They came to
Mourn a song,
They came to
Know the hour,
They came to
Right a wrong.

They came to
End the sorrow,
They came to
Forget the past.
They came to
Beg or borrow,
They came to
Seal the draft,

They came to
Sing the singing,
They came to
Hear the […]

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