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912, 2016

Schizophrenia Is Merely A Word

By |December 9th, 2016|New Book|Comments Off on Schizophrenia Is Merely A Word

Please take a look at my new book, Schizophrenia Is Merely A Word on Amazon. It is an anthology of poems about schizophrenia and life. I am pleased to tell you that the esteemed poet, Pamela Spiro Wagner is in […]

511, 2016

Hell on Earth

By |November 5th, 2016|Voices|Comments Off on Hell on Earth

Mental illness:
A freezing decade, and the darkness almost smothered me, and it crept down like a shadow in the dark,
Though lost in a sea of souls with horrifying cries,
I cringed, and squander but nothing seems to wander,
Although I felt pure […]

511, 2016


By |November 5th, 2016|I Love You, Uncategorized|Comments Off on ONLY IF YOU ASK FOR IT

I would give you the shirt of my back,
or finish you in one attack…but only if you asked for it.
I would give you my last cent,
or send you to hell’s decent…but only if you asked for it.
I would hold you […]

104, 2016

dark times

By |April 1st, 2016|Demonic, Symptoms, Trapped|Comments Off on dark times

Here I sit alone and lit
aware of the beauty that surrounds me
but voices disrupt the peacefulness of it
They just don’t fit, it’s like they’re hungry and won’t quit
They won’t quit their jabbering, u quivering, and blabbing
Always with me whispering
“What’s […]

902, 2016

Actually Real (Mental Illness)

By |February 9th, 2016|Anti-Stigma|Comments Off on Actually Real (Mental Illness)

Im a sentimental witness that those with mental illness
Suffer detrimental sickness in experimental business
They never found a cure, yet they claim to help
A clever sound allure, for fame and wealth
I never trusted their words, hypocritical with malice
chemical imbalance? Im the […]

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