Im a sentimental witness that those with mental illness
Suffer detrimental sickness in experimental business
They never found a cure, yet they claim to help
A clever sound allure, for fame and wealth
I never trusted their words, hypocritical with malice
chemical imbalance? Im the pinnacle of talent
Its pitiful for status, they force us on drugs
This is spiritual madness, of course we need love
We are humans too, they treat us like beasts
Their movement view, is leaving us deceased
Im believing I will reach, a child who is labelled
Ill preach it in the streets, its a wild little fable
For money and evil, Not for treatment
its funny were equal, we are not defeated
Lets unite as one, all those stigmatized
Lets write for the young, always list their lies
We are not worthless our brain is special
Ive been writing for a year while my pain just settles
I havent missed a day thats how active my mind is
They overlook our gifts in this acting defined biz
Its actually surprising how Ill make it in life
Thought I’m practically spineless and ill break in the fight
Ive been called crazy by the so called professionals
This king falls greatly, recall whats respectable
Exceptional how, I taught my self skills
Regrettable When ,I forgot their help kills
A Misdiagnosis of this psychosis
Its hit and miss leaving kids so hopeless
An artist so profound, not shameful from their fables
Smartest kids around yet labelled as disabled
We mature and grow, though the cure unknown
Pure in soul, we ensure our goals
This art we write, is for the hearts who fight
Smart and bright, though dark in fright
For those who persist, who chose to exist
Arose in the midst , of the woes and abyss
So believe in your self young mentally ill
We see for ourselves that we’re actually real

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