I have been giving details of the release date for ‘The Colours of Schizophrenia’ book out on this site and my facebook page ‘schizophreniapoety’ (please like) for a while. Sorry for the delay but I have a publisher to discuss details with, and this is my first book, so it’s taking some time. I am going to give full details of the book launch very soon, at the very latest this will be August, fingers crossed.

In the mean time here are some Senryu’s which I have written which have (5,7,5) 17 syllables. I’m going to put these on Twitter if I can, my twitter link is on the right hand side in the sidebar. Also I will be putting news links and articles, on my facbook page, and on twitter, as this blog will get cluttered if I put them on here.

Delusions of mind,
Looking in my reflection,
Mirage of the self,

Recovery ‘shines’,
After the lightening storm,
We make our rainbow,

Listen to the heart-
Beat of order not chaos,
Rhyming with the Lord,

Wisdom is a prayer,
Knowing there is hope,
Waiting for a sign,

Symptoms ebb and flow,
With the seasons of the year,
Nature holds the ‘dream’,

David Holloway (c)

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