I start the day over with a smile on my face
Life is too short to live as if you’re a disgrace
Where am I headed??? I got some ideas
Alone I struggle, together we get through our fears

It started when I was 16 sneaking out
No one plans on the wreckage, but they better figure it out
I can rhyme like a mouse in a cage
Keeping it all in equals minimum wage
If it’s just a song
Then why does our generation hum along
To the crazy alive beats
That make people jump from their seats

Fallen men with their wasted talent nonsense in their brain
Can go from a genius to understanding the depths of being insane
Hidden ideas can cause a leap of faith
Or a prideful monster filled with hate
When one day you’re looking off the ledge to see how far down
The next day adrenaline and hope mix together for a truly original sound
Tears in my eyes, but I don’t let it show
Followed by a trapped door, where I never felt so low
The peaks and valleys are getting old, but I have no choice
If I give in I will have no voice
So I write for my daily freedom maybe you could too
Another breath is another breakthrough
A dreamer without a dream is like a dog without a bark
A glimpse of light peeks through the suffocating dark

2/2014 – Bobby
By: Robert McLaughlin

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