902, 2016

Actually Real (Mental Illness)

By |February 9th, 2016|Anti-Stigma|Comments Off on Actually Real (Mental Illness)

Im a sentimental witness that those with mental illness
Suffer detrimental sickness in experimental business
They never found a cure, yet they claim to help
A clever sound allure, for fame and wealth
I never trusted their words, hypocritical with malice
chemical imbalance? Im the […]

2201, 2015

The Dead of Winter

By |January 22nd, 2015|Alone, Anti-Stigma, Homelessness, Society|Comments Off on The Dead of Winter

How can this be?
who is to blame?
A human who suffers
Is never the same.

They’re dumped from the hospital
and shelters and warmth,
to wander the streets
in clothes tattered and torn.

So many pass by
closing eyes to the truth
they don’t want to help
They haven’t a […]

3010, 2014

Disordered Life

By |October 30th, 2014|Alone, Anti-Stigma|Comments Off on Disordered Life

Sleeping on the streets
With homeless cats as my companions
Confirming the predictions
Of a psychiatrist
My mind generates un-realities
Un-moving, I drift through a plethora of calamities
Mumbling about the End of the World

Opportunities will remain un-afforded
I will not be awarded
For my psychic battles with […]

1109, 2014

1 of the 4 of the 400

By |September 11th, 2014|Alone, Anti-Stigma, Unemployment|Comments Off on 1 of the 4 of the 400

I was 1 of the 100
I became 1 of the 4
I’m dwelling with the 1 of the 1
Universal God has destroyed my life
To rebuild an open-mind3st existence
I am a lovingpeacefulfreedom believer
Wish you could Wash the Curse in 2x8y
Doing theright thing […]

1703, 2014

The Light on The Hill

By |March 17th, 2014|Alone, Anti-Stigma, Fear, Philosophical, Shame|1 Comment

I’m not the fool on the hill!
I’m not standing still,
While my eyes do shrill.
I believe in the Lord’s will,
As I take my sugar coated pill.
I’ve had it with the world’s fill.
Why can’t I be a light on the hill?

David Holloway […]

1203, 2014

Psychiatry Song

By |March 12th, 2014|Anti-Stigma, Humour|2 Comments

Work like you don’t have schizophrenia.
Love like you’ve never been psychotic.
Dance like no-one’s spying.
Sing like no-one’s recording.
Live like there’s no apocalypse.
Fear like you’ve taken Risperidone.

David Holloway (c) 2014

1812, 2013

This is Who I am

By |December 18th, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Bullying, Current Events, Introspection, Life, Society, Stereotypes, Stigma|Comments Off on This is Who I am

I suffer from schizophrenia…

Now I realize a lot of people’s reaction to that will be ‘knife-wielding maniac’, ‘Norman Bates’, ‘Hannibal Lecter’ or even ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

Trust me when I tell you ‘I’ve heard them all before’. Now, don’t get me […]

3011, 2013

Torrey Pines

By |November 30th, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Empowerment|Comments Off on Torrey Pines

I have pledged money to Torrey Pines an amazing Kickstarter project about a boy and his schizophrenic mother. After the great schizophrenia awareness week campaign, this animated film would really stand up to stigma. Clyde Petersen is an extremely talented […]

3011, 2013

Beautiful Mind 3

By |November 30th, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Meme|Comments Off on Beautiful Mind 3

2210, 2013


By |October 22nd, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Current Events, Empowerment, Media, Sanity, Shame, Society, Stigma|Comments Off on Normal

Am I normal?
Let’s be frank and informal
No, I am not.
But who to define the normal’s format?
Look at Miley,
Used to be nice and smiley,
But now all strange and odd…
What’s behind her façade?
Same as behind me
As I turned thirty-three…
I used to be […]

2206, 2013

I’m Sick not Unemployed

By |June 22nd, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Current Events, Empowerment, Life, Political, Society, Unemployment|Comments Off on I’m Sick not Unemployed

I’m in receipt of E.S.A.
It’s not the way
I should be paid.
To apply full academic rigour
The word “employment”
Should not figure,
In any benefit I receive.
It seems they’re trying
To deceive.
One day I’ll get
Universal Credit,
And there’ll be no LIE-
Well there, I’ve said it!

Kevin Green […]

401, 2013

The Switch

By |January 4th, 2013|Alone, Anti-Stigma, Bullying, Living with Sz, Loss, Mind Games, Mistrust, Paranoia, Stigma, Trapped|Comments Off on The Switch

Flick the switch..that’s what
they say

on, off, on off,
it’s in people’s heads,
one flick and you’re gone…..

The switch, the disability switch-
he’s weird, she’s strange,
he’s a fool….

Don’t hang around him….

He’s handsome but he’s damaged,
why he might hurt you..

flick the switch, forget
about them….off,
fade to […]

1912, 2012

One Billion Chances

By |December 19th, 2012|Anti-Stigma, Compassion, I Love You, Insight, Living with Sz, Loss, Political, Stigma, Suicide, Trapped, Uncategorized, Victimisation, Voices|Comments Off on One Billion Chances

In every schizophrenic
there is…

1000000000 reasons why?

1000000000 excuses

1000000000 tears

1000000000 suicides

1000000000 voices

give them

1000000000 smiles

1000000000 times for salvation

1000000000 hearts

1000000000 kisses

1000000000 chances

David Holloway (c) 2012

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