2907, 2013


By |July 29th, 2013|Consciousness, Life, Loss, Recovery, Sanity, Senses, Shame, Soul, Trapped|Comments Off on Shattered

I see the life,
I used to know,
Out of the corner of my eye,
The endless possibility and the pain.
The beauty and nobility,
The men and the women.
I feel the peace of life,
Enfold me in the gentle rain.
I see my soul,
In the leaves […]

1306, 2013

Stand Up To The Voices

By |June 13th, 2013|Empowerment, Hope, Insight, Life, Philosophical, Recovery, Suicide, Voices|Comments Off on Stand Up To The Voices

Talk to the voices sensibly,
Let them know what you think,
Take it on board and then let it go,
Otherwise you will sink.
Stand up to these audio hallucinations,
And remove their authority,
Over you and your senses,
And if it becomes too much, just let […]

104, 2013


By |April 1st, 2013|Bullying, Philosophical, Reality, Recovery, Stigma, Victimisation|Comments Off on Stigmatized

Devastated, out of touch
With all reality
Schizophrenia brought out
A different side of me

My perspective has been changed
Since I was diagnosed
Treated like a lunatic
Was what I feared the most

Stigmatized, I realized
The ignorance inside
Of those who would look at me
And want to run […]

105, 2012

The Conflagration in My Wake!

By |May 1st, 2012|Audio, Insight, Recovery, Senses|Comments Off on The Conflagration in My Wake!

Regard the conflagration in my wake!
An inexorable inferno burning bridge after bridge.
Emancipate me from the shackles of bipolar.
Release me,
I beseech thee!
From the indignations of my past.
Take up the quill,
I will,
And relate my tale of woe I shall.
But wait!
An incandescent silver […]

2502, 2012

Sweet Whispers

By |February 25th, 2012|Audio, I Love You, Inspirational, Nature, Recovery|Comments Off on Sweet Whispers

The whisper of the wind
Innocence within our soul
Telling us of love while delivering
us protection,
She plays our senses like
a child with a toy forever
Sharing the enjoyment of youth
laughing and then smiling,
Her hands reach far and wide
as her touch is soft and […]

1902, 2011

Let Me Think

By |February 19th, 2011|Audio, Compassion, Delusion, Insight, Inspirational, Introspection, Philosophical, Recovery, Religious, Salvation, Society, Soul, Spiritual, Trapped|2 Comments

Those men who stole the
stars from the sky,
and put the universe into
his own mind’s eye

He swallowed the chains
coming from the world,
and fell in love with
Mother Nature’s girl.

He took the words that
the devil spoke,
and tried to fix every
hole that society broke

When […]

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