2006, 2015

The Hidden World

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The Hidden World—
People fascinated by schizophrenia,
bipolar, autism.
They find it beautiful—
the creative drive—

Chaos is creation—
the creative force—
like the greek god.

Hyper-sexual creative juices.
We who appear in black and
white. History was
unkind—the future is
I feel fine.

By: David Harpur Holloway

1803, 2015

Fox News

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It is the channel of
Manchurian candidates.
The age of unenlightenment:
materialism, bigotry, and
ignorance whip up
a frenzy of “faux”

Fox news is a cat o’nine tails
controlled by an elite who make
their careers out of
“war talk” for the
Republican party

Presenters have used the
word “jigaboo”, […]

1812, 2013

This is Who I am

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I suffer from schizophrenia…

Now I realize a lot of people’s reaction to that will be ‘knife-wielding maniac’, ‘Norman Bates’, ‘Hannibal Lecter’ or even ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

Trust me when I tell you ‘I’ve heard them all before’. Now, don’t get me […]

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