2006, 2015

The Hidden World

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The Hidden World—
People fascinated by schizophrenia,
bipolar, autism.
They find it beautiful—
the creative drive—

Chaos is creation—
the creative force—
like the greek god.

Hyper-sexual creative juices.
We who appear in black and
white. History was
unkind—the future is
I feel fine.

By: David Harpur Holloway

1911, 2014


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I have to convince the world
about who I am,
to become somebody,
not the odd man in dark sunglasses,
the psycho killer,
the benefit scrounger.
These benefits streets are not paved with

I am the lion of madness,
an owner of words,
farmer of doubts.
I want to spread […]

1812, 2013

This is Who I am

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I suffer from schizophrenia…

Now I realize a lot of people’s reaction to that will be ‘knife-wielding maniac’, ‘Norman Bates’, ‘Hannibal Lecter’ or even ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

Trust me when I tell you ‘I’ve heard them all before’. Now, don’t get me […]

1111, 2013

Beautiful Mind 2

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2210, 2013


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Am I normal?
Let’s be frank and informal
No, I am not.
But who to define the normal’s format?
Look at Miley,
Used to be nice and smiley,
But now all strange and odd…
What’s behind her façade?
Same as behind me
As I turned thirty-three…
I used to be […]

1104, 2013

Tower of Babel

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Broken words escape
from my mouth like a
fiery lightning bolt.
They electrify
the air and
strike tall towers
and structures-
those principalities
that mislead the
people.Their speech
which originates from
Babel is more
eloquent but it
is political, it has
a place on Earth,
but not the heavens,
for it is too pompous
and contemptuous.
The world […]

104, 2013


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Devastated, out of touch
With all reality
Schizophrenia brought out
A different side of me

My perspective has been changed
Since I was diagnosed
Treated like a lunatic
Was what I feared the most

Stigmatized, I realized
The ignorance inside
Of those who would look at me
And want to run […]

1103, 2013

Society 1

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In the lives of broken men, lay all the pieces needed to put the world back together.

David Holloway (c) 2013

401, 2013

The Switch

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Flick the switch..that’s what
they say

on, off, on off,
it’s in people’s heads,
one flick and you’re gone…..

The switch, the disability switch-
he’s weird, she’s strange,
he’s a fool….

Don’t hang around him….

He’s handsome but he’s damaged,
why he might hurt you..

flick the switch, forget
about them….off,
fade to […]

1912, 2012

One Billion Chances

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In every schizophrenic
there is…

1000000000 reasons why?

1000000000 excuses

1000000000 tears

1000000000 suicides

1000000000 voices

give them

1000000000 smiles

1000000000 times for salvation

1000000000 hearts

1000000000 kisses

1000000000 chances

David Holloway (c) 2012

511, 2012


By |November 5th, 2012|Humiliation, Insight, Living with Sz, Stigma|Comments Off on Pigeons

it is not the weak

          and feeble who

                     should be judged

                      as pigeons in the


2808, 2012


By |August 28th, 2012|Paranoia, Philosophical, Racism, Stigma|Comments Off on Gargoyles

These days we know

what’s happening with

the etiology of

Bleuler’s illness,

but it remains a

complex paradigm



So many people

with schizophrenia are

suffering, but

those from minority races,

are facing

a 9/11 hell, they are

living with it every day;

the victimisation! No

treatment is given for

this idenity crisis,

on both sides.


These issues

are not […]

1605, 2012

Paranoid Schizophrenia

By |May 16th, 2012|Alone, Audio, Dark, Death, Humiliation, Mind Games, Stigma, Symptoms|2 Comments

I am looking ahead as so many are following behind me
Everyone’s hands reaching out to hurt me somehow-
I feel are manipulating my thoughts-
People looking ahead and so many following behind me
On this mesmerizing spring-like day- I wonder why this world […]

1804, 2012

Turned To Stone

By |April 18th, 2012|Alone, Audio, Dark, Insight, Religious, Stigma|Comments Off on Turned To Stone

I turned to face the distance
and there was a rigid air of
loneliness and discomfort in my bones.
And there was an empty chair for
all my friends at my birthday party,
perhaps they forgot to come again
like last year. Love used to be

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