It is the channel of
Manchurian candidates.
The age of unenlightenment:
materialism, bigotry, and
ignorance whip up
a frenzy of “faux”

Fox news is a cat o’nine tails
controlled by an elite who make
their careers out of
“war talk” for the
Republican party

Presenters have used the
word “jigaboo”, while
slurring the whole of Paris
with their islamophobia after
the murders at
Charlie Hebo.

US politicians keep viewers
in limbo with
social engineering

and children can no longer tell
fact from fiction. Materialism has
reached its pinnacle.

Doctored pie charts
and rigged graphs have
the picture.

We are conned by
the illusion of “news”. It’s
just a parlour trick,
repeated every day
like the of lies of Bill O’Rielly,
who lied about
being present at the assignation of
his own president’s killer.

The Republicans are
preoccupied with aggression.

Fox news
goes beyond misrepresenting
the media. It is a
myth making
machine. What business
gets away with cheating
its customers?
All great lies
are half truths. The GOP
collude with both
Obama and the
elite: the greatest
western liars.

Capitalist systems have
become a race to the
bottom. The 99%
are at war with the
1%. Fox news is
the mouth piece,
of the elite. And its
never been

David Holloway

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