These days we know

what’s happening with

the etiology of

Bleuler’s illness,

but it remains a

complex paradigm



So many people

with schizophrenia are

suffering, but

those from minority races,

are facing

a 9/11 hell, they are

living with it every day;

the victimisation! No

treatment is given for

this idenity crisis,

on both sides.


These issues

are not in the public

mind. It’s a rat race

out there, who

care’s,  they say!


My paranoia is unique

to me, they view my actions

as though I’m

smoking cannabis, like I’m

just Stoned-

I’m acting suspicious.


My eyes are ugly, weird,

strange and fascinating. Very

few people know

how to deal

with it.


It frightens us all,

but most of all it alienates and

creates the ‘perfect storm’ for bullying

to take place.

It occurs, and always with

those gargoyle stares,

they are REAL

I see- I SEE THEM,

on the faces

of the people I meet,

when I’m feeling


I can’t erase


David Holloway (c) 2012

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