In the pit of my soul,
where the ‘mocking birds’ live,
amongst the lions and the charlatans,
I stumbled. At the table where
they played their ace cards
and collected their winnings, I
searched. Encircled by
the hyenas, who attacked me at
first sight of blood, and the ‘clowns’
whose sad faces weep and yet laugh
the most, I marched. Until I
found a light that shone through to
the hearts of men, and showed
me a path where the beauties
at the West End could hear my
true voice at last!. In the chasm of
darkness, where only
the ‘wrecked ships’ of old
have sailed- there stood
a figure who I have always
known but seldom loved-and it
was there I sat with destiny,
and I found myself!

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