These voices in my head so loud and so true, you must end your life you tell me to do.
Your deep dark voice it spreads through my brain, you got me feeling I’m very insane.
I sob and I cry and I kick on the floor, tried building these walls but you knock down my door.
You continue to haunt me my tears I will shed, and you won’t be happy until I am dead.
Why so badly do you want me to die? And now all of a sudden I feel I must try.
Now you are screaming can’t handle your voice, and still I will listen I don’t have a choice.
Still going crazy I have no control, you’re trapped in my mind and you’re stealing my soul.
God can’t you help me and take this away, and all of these lies you continue to say.
Get out of my head and leave me alone, but still you are with me suicide you condone.
I cry and I plead and I beg and I pray, until maybe some day you will just go away.

Michelle Walters (c)

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