[audio:https://schizophreniapoetry.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Interminable-Life.mp3|titles=Interminable Life]
Walking this Earth for nearly thirty-eight years
Discovering myriad things to bring wonder and pain
Finding truths in many places during that time
Girls and women fascinate my mind excitement runs
Thrilled to the marrow by curves and plumpness
Watching people have children totally undeserved
Uncared for and unwanted reared in fear and neglect
I begged my truth for a child to love and raise
I heard no comment made and lost faith in gods
I saw a woman to match my side and held her close
She was taken soon thereafter by depression severe
All the time we spent was for nowt but pain to my desire
I found another to bring me light in a darkened world
My desires set on a shelf and teased to my detriment
A contentment wanted was an aspiration so lonely
I matter not for all I care about is tantamount to me
Joy, pain, sorrow and elation come in waves crashing
Bipolar winds drag me through this life tumultuous
My outlet sporadic though releasing my displeasures
I spin out of thin air what I need to protect myself
And nothing hinders my progress to my ultimate end.

M. Pinnell (c)

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