As young and pretty I watched you grow
I hoped that time would help us know
We talked a little and fought a lot
But love was my basis for all thought
I hoped and dreamed of a life with joy
I never wanted your pain to deploy
I saw you grow before mine eyes
Time did flow to tell no lies
The joy I sought for you came so great
Your pain I saw but always too late
I tried and tried to close the gap
I begged for help or a small map
Entwined our lives from day till night
I’ll love you as always with all my might
We don’t talk as ought we should
I’ve become irrelevant as I felt I would
There is no pain so great as neglect
To one who has begged for better effect
I miss your “love” and your smile
I hope for a return in a short while
I’m here, as always, a steady pace
Hoping a hug and kiss to my face
The pain I feel is in my heart and mind
Or maybe the split is true and unkind
I have no choice for my love is complete
I just hope that time will bring us back to mete.

M. Pinnell

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