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In the distance I
know I’ve been
down and searching low;
know there’s
been times when
my pride was the
only thing on

Through my
endeavors my
heart bled, but I
never turned
around or gave
in to deceit,
thinking life
was a joyride on
the way to easy

But I knew that
without you I’d
have crashed and
Knew without
you no lessons
could have been
But with a new
engine I learned
so many new

Learned how to
love, so I’m going
to spread these
Gonna amaze
you with my
wonders, going
to reach into the
sky— and only you can
stop me, so please,
Mum, you’ve got
to let me fly!

Let me lift my
spirits up, won’t
you see how high
I can go
Without your
support I’m still
gliding, if you
wish harder I’ll

These mountains
in the distance;
they don’t mean a
thing to me now.
I’m gonna dazzle
them with my

When I was an
ugly duckling
and you put your
wings over me,
I said a little
prayer so that
your love would
set us free.
I knew you
would get older
and every day my
mind would find
the light,
So those days
lost to wonder
were just getting
me ready for the

You see, we work
together, as my
loving mother,
you are the key.
But you have
unlocked my
power. Now I’m
flying our wings
to victory.
No, nobody can
stop us, we are a
united carousel
of hopes and

And who would
have thought
we’d get this far,
on just a ‘fool’s’
hopeless schemes.

By: David Holloway © 2010

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