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Those men who stole the
stars from the sky,
and put the universe into
his own mind’s eye

He swallowed the chains
coming from the world,
and fell in love with
Mother Nature’s girl.

He took the words that
the devil spoke,
and tried to fix every
hole that society broke

When he looks into the
fiery pits of hell
He dreams of Heaven-
only time will tell. And
she’s a cosmic girl that
rights a wrong

Who sings to the blind
a victory song
And she exists in chaos;
but she nurtures the meek.
Like the Mona Lisa, her
smile is unique

And when times are tough
and mankind lets us down,

you can count on those
brother’s to turn us around.

They cry with shame,
though they are a
nation of pride,
who have no reason
to weep, they have
an inner strength inside.
And those philosopher’s
meander into streams of sin

but their hearts are purely
divine, a spiritual life within.
They conceive of love though
they receive our hate.
Some help them to fly when
their patience is late
And God will judge the few
who fall in-between.
Who live to regret their evil
lies and schemes

A curious people whom
society has labelled as ‘sick’
Those remarkable thinkers-
the schizophrenic!

David Holloway © 2011

The Colours of Schizophrenia

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