Why can’t a woman be a father?
Why can’t a man cry?
Why can’t our children lead us?
Or our lovers never die?
Why can’t the desert nurture?
Why can’t the blind learn to see?
How do we remember the forgotten?
How can losing feel like a triumphant victory?
Why do rocks bleed?
Why does the moonlight shine?
Why are lessons so unhelpful?
Why did water turn into wine?
Why are lies so truthful?
Where did the reaper learn to reap?
Why is dying so lively?
Why do angels weep?
Why do echos still resound?
Why are children growing old?
And the fires that are burning,
Has made our hearts so cold?
What awaits our future?
When we’re living in the past?
Afraid to turn the corner,
The mirror breaks the glass.
And our time is running out,
Like swimmers against the tide,
Until we are reborn,
Or we cross the other side,
But we have a devil on one shoulder,
Who speaks into our ear,
And some will choose to listen,
While others have no fear,
Jesus leads the way when so many fail?
And He won’t rest until we’re saved,
Through Him we shall prevail!
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