Loving you is the breath of my life—
Loving you, even if it hurts…
Thinking of you, seeking your favor—
My King, my Lord, my life!

I don’t want to get all busy
Pleasing others, playing their violin
I don’t want to suffer from my rejections—
I want to fix my eyes on you, only you.

What is your will for me?
What do you really want me to do
Daily, by moment?
Connect my heart with yours
Let me hear your heartbeat,
Fill me with your love, your passion.
Correct my mistakes, make me whole,
Let me reach your perfection.

What is life? It is only a vapor.
As it is gone, I want to be with you,
In your arms, glad that I made it…

My Lord, you are all I desire
Only you, loving you, seeing you, pleasing you…
How I long to know
That my life is pleasing in your sight!
How I long to pass all the tests.
Please help me, hold me, do not let go of me…
Yours forever…


Alexandra Mehanaim (c)

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