My love is different from
theirs. I dote on your eyes and
I’m not afraid to make you smile
or laugh out loud with exuberant
sighs. My love is infinite.

It does not
depend on how you’re doing
in life. Your appearance does
not mean a thing to me, your
beauty is on the inside. Even
though you’re the most
beautiful woman in the
world. My love needs no
thank you or reply, it’s
unconditional. That means
you can’t win my love it’s
yours anyway.

Their love is
hollow, it has a price tag,
its full of do’s and don’ts. My
love is eternal you need
not test it, and when this love
has died, it has just begun!

My love is as old as the hills,
and my love is as young as
the ‘lovers in the park’ who
can’t keep their hands still.

My love desires you more
than theirs, it’s an Italian
fountain of roses. It shall not fade away.
My heart is yours, and
every day I will prove it!
Eternity is the longest time to wait,
therefore when we marry we’ll
holiday on a cloud.
We’ll call it number nine.

Oh my love, it is never really in
doubt, but I wrote this
just in case you

By: David Holloway
‘The Colours of Schizophrenia’

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