Recently I have attended a poetry symposium in London, and I will be blogging about this next week. But now I am focusing on a new idea. Do you want to get published?

Sz has been online for over a year, and has been a success. I hope you all think so too. Now I want to put all the content from submissions here into a new book. Your poetry will remain your work and the copyright will remain yours. If we do not find a publisher we can self-publish. The cost of the printing a self- published book would have to be raised, so if we don’t find a publisher I will set up a fund-raising account. With the publisher on board, a proportion of the funds will return to the writers.There are not enough poetry submissions for the book as yet, for we need approximately 150 poems.

I ask all of you who are reading if you have written or intend to write poetry about schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder please submit your work, and I will do my best to get us published. There a number of great poets out there, and those who are already well known names, such as Pamela Spiro Wagner, and Maureen Oliver.

At the moment we have a long way to go, but in a year and half’s time, in 2013. I know we can get this done. If you have any questions about publishing you can wait until next week where I will attempt to answer your question, or contact me via this website. Please leave feedback to this idea in the comments section as well. I will also post up a FAQ list next week for all those who still have questions about what to write and how a book gets published.

Well I hope you are now enthused enough to get writing and send me your poems. There are still many myths and misunderstandings about schizophrenia, and poetry and art are great mediums to bridge gaps and change negative attitudes and beliefs. Don’t forget to add tags to the poetry submissions so I promote your poetry online properly. Please submit your poetry for the new SZ poetry book now! 


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