[audio:https://schizophreniapoetry.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/flat-effect-dh.mp3|titles=flat effect dh]
No control
No awareness
No laughs out loud,
No warm sunshine,
No tastes from supper,
No joy of sex,
No reasons to love,
No right or wrong,
No high from life,
No comfort,
No need for music,
No love of friends,
No conscience,
No repression,
No eloquence,
No expression,
No pride,
No ego,
No protection,
No life,
No saviour,
No desire,
No confidence,
No aggression,
No lessons,
No emotions,
No pain,
No nothing,
No lies,
No truth,
No self

David Holloway (c) 2012

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