No longer schizophrenic
This has made me feel so manic
Even frantic
Because now they’re saying
It’s a matter of semantics
Because I appear so well
To schizophrenia, with it the hell
So now it’s a moody brain
That thought is just insane
Fix me. I know it’s such a pain.
I’m no degenerate of society..
I’m at the forefront of electricity!
So I speculate lately
That maybe it’s DMT
or a fragmented reality
of an ill society, or maybe just me
and the way I see
That caused them to diagnose
The best of abilities!
Memory, hyper sensitivity
The ability to manipulate
Reality…think on that
while they medicate me
Just to figure out
What they will never find
after all you’re all just
pieces of me….
broken by human kind

Gabrielle Bryan (c)

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