caught in a maelstrom
I sit in stillness

to see sisters suffering
and begging brothers breaking

it goes on
as do drones
that kill children

my unreality
just doesn’t compare
with the viciousness
of ‘reality’

question it
the answers
bring up more
Tangent followers
tie us up
in knots
drilling down so deep

down the rabbit hole

we exist within

a matrix of
power relations
agents and objects
complicit in our subjection
we are citizens freely exchanging
rights for ‘state protection’

from what?
for whom?

what is the truth?
Them? Us?
Who are they?
Who are we?
What lies
the lines
this is dangerous writing
my thoughts
have ever been
considered malapropos
censored and shaped
towards more
appropriate themes

to explore them I
gamble more than
accusations of narcissism

I run the risk of
once more

A quintessential Alice
caught in The Matrix
wandering The Labyrinth
In a Brave New World
meets 1984
Is it any wonder?
Through the Looking-Glass
She goes

vanishing into

every breath
is a death
and ordinary
revel in it
despair in it
this very
little life
is fitting

Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes

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