Reformat my mind because I’m not what I ought to be
Files scattered carelessly and no auto-arrange
Once deleted never quite forgotten
Repair my disk

My modem won’t connect and I can’t communicate
My server down, I’ve crashed, I’m a blank screen
I sound a wail, I don’t exhale, an internal error has occurred
I need user intervention
To aid the good intention

The CD-ROM spins incessantly only draining my resources
50% here 20% there, nobody can find the remainder
The help file missing, was it ever written?
Why won’t my hardware operate with my software?
Ask the
Nobody available to comment

Boot me up, shut me down, log me in, log me off
I don’t know where I want to go today
Edit my registry to resolve the problem
Restore me to my previous set-up

If all else fails
Take a hammer to my case
I need to see my internal face
Take a hammer to my shell
Explore the rawness of this hell

Scan my bitmaps and manipulate the images
Cut and paste amendments
Enhance, enlarge, redesign
I am yours if you are mine

Send me a signal
Give me a sign
Make me better by design

Heal the pain
Rejoice again
I don’t want further contention

How did it all begin and when will it all end?

Wes (c)

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