Ghosts are interacting with my mind
based on thought and time and place

It seems that’s what they told me
when I told them it’s a waste

I told that they have no place in
my mind
For they do not exist –
That and they do violate my mind,
whether real,
for they persist

Seems one of them did tell me
there were ghosts inside my mind,
and that it was one of them
Perhaps they don’t all act in kind
Perhaps sometimes I argue with my phlegm

Mental phantoms
animated scream
I called them mental phantoms
and I don’t know if it’s a dream
For it all is pretty vacant

Did I tell them it’s a ghost
or did I grab a living scream

And I am screaming unaware, for it isn’t very pretty
Violating me dependent on the dream machine police

I tell them that it is so very pretty
Ridiculously there, it is so very pretty
And I don’t know how to rent or how to lease

Marc Dubeau (c)

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