Schizophrenia is…..

in a world of darkness who craves the light,
a hidden home for the wandering soul,
the moment before the light,
the ache in my knowing,
a love that has died but lives on in dreams,
a day that never ends,
the break of dawn when it rains,
a love that cannot be denied,
the wind that blows eternally in the trees,
a child that has no rest,
wanting to be normal,
the bond between the mind and soul,
where the beauty of chaos meets the world,
probably the most misunderstood condition in the world,
walking in a world I never knew,
a part of me…but that alone does not define who I am,
a person like any other, with a heart and soul; sense of humour,
trusting not, yet hoping someone knows your plight,
seeing things that others don’t, hearing things that others can’t,
your cry from the bottom of a well,
man’s unknown enemy and the war has just begun,
being afraid and pleading for help and no one answers,
that I hope to not be judged or have assumptions made,
By David Holloway, Claire Meddins Rob Hanlon, Clarence Hall, Vikki Pollard (c)

Great thanks to the contributors of this first ‘interactive poem’. I hope you all don’t mind, but I have paraphrased some of your words. I believe it’s been a great success, so I will try to create some more very soon. Thanks a million to those people who read this and need our help.. I know this poem contains imagery that some people may say is a stigma, but by discussing what schizophrenia is.. we can eliminate the negative metaphors, and gain insight into what the world see’s and what science has proven. Please comment and like this poem with facebook or share with others.

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