I am going to try an idea.This new poem will be entitled ‘Schizophrenia is…’ and I want people to comment on what the next line is to make a sentence. It’s a fun poem, with an interactive feel. This is a new blog so it does not matter how few, or how many comment. I will start the ball rolling with some of my own suggestions. I think that schizophrenia has been labelled as most people agree, but we can alter its perception by creating a new one. Anybody can comment, but only the most suitable and best (non offensive) will be selected, and then put into a poem. I will credit each persons response in this new ‘interactive poem’.
So here goes schizophrenia is
..a hidden home for the wondering soul,
..the moment before the light,
.. the ache in my knowing,
… a love that has died but lives on in dreams,
… a day that never ends,
Please leave your comments below..
If this poem receives enough response I will try to put it in my new ebook ‘The Colours of Schizophrenia’ where you will receive a credit.

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