I have songs of joy and our..

Faith is stirred, but not shaken
I take a leap into tomorrow
My tired back, is not broken
And I don’t regret life’s sorrow
I’m happy that I have peace
I can ponder, and chase dreams
I have my smile; it’s a release
I see tranquility in a stream,

I can climb a frozen mountain
And soar higher than a bird,
Joy is my youthful fountain
And true love is preferred
I have inspiration, I believe,
My God turns water into wine
Passion is the work, I conceive
I have the word of the divine

I can rest and not despair
I know with glee, there is hope,
And with every day I say a prayer
And with them I can cope,
I have pride in my appearance
I have so much more to learn!
Friends are life’s deliverance,
And I greet them at each turn,

David Holloway (c) 2013

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