Talk to the voices sensibly,
Let them know what you think,
Take it on board and then let it go,
Otherwise you will sink.
Stand up to these audio hallucinations,
And remove their authority,
Over you and your senses,
And if it becomes too much, just let it be.
For you still have the power,
To speak your own mind,
Even if you must talk aloud,
To the voices that are cruel and unkind.
Very soon you will find,
Your will being restored,
The more you talk, the more you will understand,
About yourself, and they will soon become boring.
If you’ve heard it all before,
Commentary, command, and accusation,
You’ll know you’re at recovery station.
At the start it’s hard,
To make sense of vicious babble,
But if you talk sense to yourself and them,
You soon find yourself more able,
To clear your head.
My condition is chronic,
Yet still I have hope,
When you understand your own inner dialogue,
You’ll forget about the rope.
Never go down that path,
You must live to see yourself through,
To a better life, maybe to love and hope,
You’ve got to count on you,
And oh, once again, I almost forgot,
Don’t forget the toothbrush and the soap.

Dominic Winter (c)

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