Devastated, out of touch
With all reality
Schizophrenia brought out
A different side of me

My perspective has been changed
Since I was diagnosed
Treated like a lunatic
Was what I feared the most

Stigmatized, I realized
The ignorance inside
Of those who would look at me
And want to run and hide

Please do not stigmatize me
I am not to be feared
Just because my behavior
Can be a little weird

Am I more than my illness?
Is no one to be blamed
For my schizophrenia?
Why should I feel ashamed?

Is it part of who I am?
A label I should claim?
My illness should never be
A lasting mark of shame

In my zeal, I’ll keep it real
And not be in denial
This is why I’ll always try
To smile through each trial

Glass half empty? Glass half full?
I will stay objective
Am I crazy or insane?
I’ll be the detective

Stigmatized, I’ve analyzed
The reasons why they see
Only schizophrenia
And not the heart of me

I am so much better now
I’m in recovery
I’ll endure until a cure
Becomes reality

Michael Michalas

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