Is he enlightened by
the insight he craves from a
numerology website? He thinks that
the number 5 is irrational and
a tarot reading using his name and birthday
combined reveal an inner part of his fate.
When he thinks about the Holy Spirit his powers
emanate from him.

He can bestow
God’s touch on your body. The electricity down his spine
creates a vortex of pure energy so he thinks, and
as he enters the room his mental projections can focus
on a particular thing or person, using
cosmic rays and can fire a ball of plasma into
dark matter, creating alpha waves.
His aura is magnetic, attracting polar regions towards his
direction. If he opens The Bible and thinks of a
question, the pages tell
him the answer no matter

These are his superpowers,
yours may be different. When he’s well
he embraces science, real science;
not the dark arts, and
yet why does he mourn like a grieving
father for his child?
When he takes his medication he is redundant,
he says “I’m like a blind man
who learns to see the world in all its
infinite glory, but inside
I’m clinging to the darkness
inside my soul, for my only escape
is my omnipotent ability to
create and destroy!”

David Holloway (c) 2012

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