Sleepless nights,
Time has become meaningless.
Pareidolic faces in the clouds,
I am seeing patterns and meanings behind things,
Diagnosis: apophenia
Secret personal messages
in the glowing box in the corner,
Guiding, mocking, scolding…
Initiation to the modern world.
Schadenfreude voyeuristic tabloid,
Telling me how I’m inadequate.

My hands and feet are tingling radiation.
Pingala and Ida,
Nadis light up
like Yggdrasil in Yule,
Vitruvian Vesuvius,
A thousand purple lotuses bloom.

Epic epiphany
in a soft padded room.
Atavistic genotype,
The ghosts of shamans past,
in antiseptic tomb.

LGH, ward A2 is my ashram.

I have many hot nurses at my disposal…

_Son of Ham
By: hiroshi kuhn

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