The wheel
of life moves everything in turn.

Each spoke of the wheel appears
in line with a natural
order of things.
Godly ideas exist
in humanity, in the heavenly
carpet of space
and on earth.
As above
so below.

Each individual wheel is tested and
refined with pinpoint precision
by God, and the universe’s cosmic

Schizophrenia’s mystery
baffles humanity.
It’s an inner wheel of man.
A malfunction of the brain.
Though it has its place
in our universe and
the body machine.
But we cannot know

And the wheels of life are
endlessly turning,
like the cogs in
a timeless watch.
Though schizophrenia is
out of time.

Chaos has reason to exist,
like order, for it was created by
universal laws. It is not the Lord’s
mistake. It is creation:
the cosmic engine of
creativity. Mental illness
is the
epitome of chaos
and creation.

Chaos came before
order. Our ancestors lived with
it. It is a sin
to misjudge
its existence,
alongside its
purpose. For every
planet, star, element and
man has its place
in the universe. In
heaven and on
earth. As
above so

By: David Holloway

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