Trees didn’t hide the massive blackbird
The words couldn’t hide her chosen star
The sky fell upon me, a new world has begun
I wonder about space, or a distant sun.

All these reasons people think I’m deadly
when “they” could never erase my mind
Thorazine didn’t even phase me
Memories that others have left behind…

I didn’t fall for the madness of love
But this isn’t about love, this is about madness
But when I think about madness…I guess…
I wonder about what the truth is….in all my badness

There is no excuse for this, madness….
There is no excuse for us now I know
He unbinds me, he rewinds me
I rejected the confinement of a conditional
existence, resisting control!

Now confined to these four walls
Restrained to be, a perfect machination
To be a slave, to these obscene creations
Peacefully I wait for a reason
Just wake me up, Destiny.

Peaceful now, Peace for now
Peace for now, I’ll be asleep
I’ll be asleep when the machines fall away
I’ll be safe without the wall to claim me
My wires never failed after it all went away
I won’t need to be disconnected.

I’ll be right here.

This is the truth that I was rejected
This is the truth that I lied to be accepted
There is something you’ll never know
There is something you’ll never see!

This is the reason: I asked for an answer
This is the answer, you never wanted to know
when no one else believed me
I was not blind, I was never seen
The world just could not see….

Until now, because now I know
That between the walls there is an echo and those
Echoes survived, just to show me freedom
To accept the reason, the hidden truth I chose.

By: Bryant

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