“If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.” – Mahatma Gandhi

On the streets of London town
The children are to blame,
But who was the aggressor,
Was it just a game?

A game of snakes and
Ladders played with rotten rules,
Bankers got their bonuses
And MP’s failed our schools,

The writings on the wall,
London has marched in vain before,
As students lose their funding,
Teachers know the score,

The richest want a way to
Curb the stem of information,
But the youngest who have
Nothing, fuelled the liberation,

We should create a new game,
The snakes are everywhere,
Savage riots have just begun,
Our broken ladders go nowhere,

A forgotten underclass who
Find injustice with every turn,
Must be forced to roll the dice,
As we all let London burn!

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