Hopefulness appears in the frozen
shards of disaster when tears flow like a
river back to the sea. Hope exists on a
mountaintop as a climber reaches
its summit after his perilous journey.
There’s hope in charity,
therein the over-pouring of kindness
for a stranger in need.
It resounds in an unexpected
kiss- on a boring day.
It’s there when we forget
arguments and bitter fights after
the night before. Hope remains in the
hearts of loving couples who have
renewed their vows on their golden
anniversary after fifty years.
There’s hope for the future as past
enemies put their differences
to one side after aeons of war. Hope
resounds for equality when it shines,
waiting to be noticed after
segregation. Hope is a promise, and it’s
always faithful to expect it, rather than be
dismayed as it eclipses the manic cries
of fear. And it’s always
there in the character of human

David Holloway (c)
‘The Colours of Schizophrenia’

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