I have pledged money to Torrey Pines an amazing Kickstarter project about a boy and his schizophrenic mother. After the great schizophrenia awareness week campaign, this animated film would really stand up to stigma. Clyde Petersen is an extremely talented man. Kickstarter allows a project to be funded, as online donors pledge money to raise the allocated funds. It’s an all or nothing project. Schizophrenia is a very disturbing and misunderstood illness. Anything you can do to help make this animated film will no doubt contribute to the increased wellbeing of millions of people with the illness. Clyde aims to film it with a kind and endearing perspective. I urge you to watch his promo video and see just what a beautiful story this could be. He has already made many wonderful and recognised films. When you pledge, you will receive the chance of getting an extra role in the film, by sending him your photo. You can also receive a producers credit or meet him in person for lunch. Thank you for reading this. I know the project has only 11 days left to go, so I pray the project gets the funding.

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