This is a matter of life or death, I’m righteous yet
I still adhere to medication with suicidal side effects
The super-ego that’s the self-critic inside your head
I am my own worst enemy because everything outside these lens
Does not exist, so where do we go from here?
I say gather all your insecurities and battle all your fears
I mean it’s either that or live mentally paralyzed
By these creatures in disguise that exist inside your mind
It’s like a psychic virus spreading violently
Taking goals and ambition in exchange for privacy
“You can have what I spare for you just eat up and be quiet”
“The last thing we need is your people in a riot”
That’s the math behind deception, another night out in Gotham
Eyelids fixed in a position where blinking is not an option
It’s modern day Ludovico call me Alex in a Clockwork Orange
Might be the hardest using pens and pads to pierce my target

By: Porfirio Trinidad

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