Clouds are building within me
as I stand patiently
waiting, hoping, fearing
for nothing to happen.

My rain soaked clothes
stick to pearly white skin
chilling my heart
as the clouds grow darker.

People drive by
staring out of misted windows,
point and laugh
at this withered, shivering wreck.

Through the open door behind me
is a warm dry towel
and a steaming cup of tea,
but I cannot brake the urge to stay.

She has been gone
two, three, or is it four hours
I cannot tell
the darkness in me grows deeper.

Pacing up and down
to keep warm
the voices say she is not coming.
Crashed on liquid roads.

Hope builds within me,
as an Astra drives slowly down the road.
It is not her
only those laughing, taunting faces.

Eyes twitch
behind smoke stained nets
as I pace up and down the drive
fearing the worst.

A police car pulls up
then an ambulance
the voices are right
she is not coming.

They are not here because of her
they are here for me
as I stand in the rain…

© Allen M Lines 2009

By: Allen Lines

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