There is now a new feedback page here. Today we are defining why we write poetry. I hope you believe as I do that ‘schizophrenia poetry’ is an art form.

Please state in your own words what schizophrenia poetry is to you? To me this blog and the poetry you discover here, is a form of poetry therapy, that allows people with schizophrenia/schizoid related illnesses to express themselves and to help define our experiences with the first person narrative.

Schizophrenia is the illness not the person. Therefore what else has society and science missed, about the nature of schizophrenia and our extraordinary lives? I have written with medical colleagues about why I write poetry in ‘The verses of madness’: schizophrenia and poetry, published by British Medical Journal Case Reports.

Schizophrenia is the most complex mental illness known to mankind. Myth and legend plague sufferers and family members often perpetuated by mass media. It is known as the last taboo. Therefore I encourage those who suffer with it, to help tell its story and speak out. What motivates you to write poetry; what are your experiences of schizophrenia, and why does poetry help?

I shall put together an article with your permission incorporating all your ideas giving credit to all poet’s when I have enough contributions. You will be able to download the article when it’s written. Thank you for all your support. Let’s define our world. For far too long we have been marginalised and stigmatised. Let’s stand up to stigma!

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