I am David Holloway, a 31 year old sports and physical education graduate. I live in the UK, and I was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic aged 22. I became ill at 16, and this followed an accident at a laboratory, when I was on a school work experience job. My whole body was exposed to chemical ‘ethers’ (solvents) over a 5 week period. By the end of the 6th week everybody noticed my first NERVOUS BREAKDOWN ”. The years between the age of 16 and 19 became the most disturbing. My mother and father practically nursed me to health, however unfortunately, Richard-my father died on my first day of college in 1999. He was a Dr- so he knew how hard it was for me. He said that I had been “to hell and back”. I loved him very much, he was my hero. He died of a heart attack at 67

I was always a relatively ‘normal child’, nothing ever seemed to bother me, even when things did! I was a talented sportsman, and one of the most popular children in school. At 14 I broke a record at a district sports day for the 200 meters in a time of 23.79 seconds. I attended Lea Green, an academy for gifted sports people in Derbyshire and mixed, with all the best athletes in the country. But two years later my career path had been destroyed after my accident. I never took the business to court, but I later found out that the air-conditioning in the laboratory was broken! I was too unwell to take legal action. At this time I was only diagnosed with CLINICAL DEPRESSION.

After my father’s death my poems became ‘therapy’. I hope this does not seem arrogant, but I write because NOBODY SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO DEFINE ME AS A PERSON. I have thus decided to make my own destiny, and write MY OWN JOURNEY, my DESTINY with every poem since. Along with my Anglo-Indian roots I am somewhat of an enigma to many people, but poetry has always allowed me to be expressive and help others like my friends and society to understand my story.

I hope you will read and enjoy my new ebook ‘The Colours of Schizophrenia’ when it is published in March/April 2011. It will be available to purchase here on this site and other online stores like LULU and GOOGLE EDITIONS. Please SUBSCRIBE to my blog, and EMAIL ME ALL YOUR POEMS (hollowaytss@hotmail.com)

ANYBODY CAN EMAIL ME -NON-SUFFERERS WELCOME. For example nurses, Dr’s, mothers, carer’s, teachers, family, and friends can email me your poems about the experiences of schizophrenia, and schizo-affective disorder.

David Holloway

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