In a land faraway in a depth of a cave
Far from living’s unscrupulous eyes
Lay a woman so fragile and fair
That one day would surprise and arise.
And her soul at a time, separated and shun
Was by her Creator chastised.

He was her lover and she was a queen
Under living’s unscrupulous eyes
In a time long ago together they’ve been
With the one ‘to surprise and arise’;
Their love as a torch brightly beam
Over ancient and beautiful skies.

But the horror and terror, a terror of sin
Under living’s unscrupulous eyes
In a time long ago separated the king
And the one ‘to surprise and arise’
Then the king would not bear her treacherous acts
Into particles she was demised
And the death claimed the beautiful queen
Under living’s unscrupulous eyes.

In the cave her assembled body lain
So beautiful—nearly alive
And the king was with her, suffocated by pain
Far from living’s unscrupulous eyes.
And the king had a dream that again
She one day would surprise and arise.

Their love was stronger than bounds of sin:
Petty hurts and petty surmise—
After living’s destructive advise.
And whatever the case of the past has been
The king has clearly foretold and foreseen
That one day she’ll surprise and arise.

For the life will be bleak, so painful and plain
If she wouldn’t surprise and arise:
If he never to see her as faithful again
Or see joy in her beautiful eyes.
And he calls out her name in the darkness of cave:
“Hear, my love, my beloved, my wife,
I will wait and the love that beats strongly in me
Will one day lift you up to the skies.”

inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee
based on Return to Eternity
symbolic of Lord’s love for Jerusalem

Alexandra Mahanaim (c)


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