David Holloway My name is David Holloway. I was diagnosed in 2001 with paranoid schizophrenia. I think I am 85 percent recovered. I still have relapses, but I am on different medication right now, that works better than my previous meds, Olanzapine. I still suffer with intense paranoia occasionally but it’s under control. The website is a place of refuge, where people with similar experiences can share their power, and help educate people, myself included about SZ, and schizo-affective disorder. The Colours of Schizophrenia is available for £2 in paperback at the store, and as an ebook on iBooks . I wrote the book in the throes of psychosis, and at the brink of recovery.

Work So Far

  • Published an article for People in Harmony pertaining to mixed race identity, entitled Masks (2009).
  • Featured in an article for the journal Cutting Edge Psychiatry in Practice, entitled My Colourful life with Schizophrenia. This first issue of the new journal was dedicated to schizophrenia (2011).
  • Featured in two magazine interviews; for South Essex Partnership Trust’s, One in Four, and  Mental Health Today (2012).
  • Exhibited poetry and art at 123 Create Midland Road, Bedford (2012). Created the ‘Normal’ design using anti-psychotic medication with Stephen Hoper.Normal
  • Published a poem at Intermix, The Skins of the Mortals (2012).
  • Featured in a poster presentation for the International Poetry And Medicine Symposium with Dr. Ahmed Khaldoon Hankir (2012).
  • Co-wrote an article for British Medical Journal Case Reports (BMJ), ‘The Verses of Madness’: Schizophrenia and Poetry. Ahmed Khaldoon Hankir, David Holloway, Mark Agius, Rashid Zaman (2012).
  • Published poetry, and designed the schizophrenia maze logo for Rethinkyourmind. I was presented with the ‘Yellow Book’ at the House of Lords by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford. My poem Lift Your Voice was recorded as a track for the winning B side single (I Feel Life) performed by Rubie Colt (2013), and available on Spotify, iTunes and at Rethinkyourmind.
  • Published poetry with Rethinkyourmind (2017).
  • Schizophrenia Maze


“Mental illness is still incredibly misunderstood and stigmatised within our society. David’s wonderful poetry helps the reader to understand what it is like living with a mental health issue. His poems are a must-read for both those who suffer from mental illness themselves and will be able to relate, but also for those who do not have an insight into what it is like living with mental illness. David’s work is powerful, raw and moving.”

Jonny Benjamin
Mental health campainger

“David Holloway is a remarkable young man who finds writing poetry very cathartic, to be able to express himself in the way that he does is a gift and long may it continue.”

Georgina Wakefield
Author, public speaker, carer, film maker.