[audio:https://schizophreniapoetry.com/file/2011/08/At-The-Sight-of-You.mp3|titles=At The Sight of You]

Oh I faint at the thought of you,
How your lips are pronounced and raw,
Your breasts have become erotic fantasies,
The lines of my body are inferior to his,
He carries you about with grandeur and
Grace as your eyes dazzle in his arms,
And even the moon shines brighter than
Ever it has, guided by the tides and seas,
Your legs so slender and upright cling
To his hands as he gathers you into bed,
Your hair flows with pleasures unlacking,
He has carved your embrace into stone.
Songs of seduction are racing inside your
Mind as he undresses you with his stare.
And to think that your destiny has two
Paths- one with a superior knight on a
Horse and a man who would shiver at
The sight of you, and your face so fair.
I am still waiting for my holy caress,

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