The book has been published by SEPT (NHS) and has appeared in the first issue of a journal, ‘Cutting Edge Psychiatry in Practice’. My article was called ‘My Colourful life with Schizophrenia’ on page 110. I attended the launch of the journal in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, and then a conference in Cambridge. I was awarded a small gift for my contribution to the journal, which was dedicated to schizophrenia. At the conference I was able to have a small stand where I sold lots of my books of poems. I met so many great people, and my brother and I were invited to a Cambridge dinner hosted at Sydney Sussex College.

The whole day was a complete success. I have set the cost of the paperback book price at a great price. I will be promoting my book, all week. I hope you will buy a copy which has some of the best poems from this website, plus so many more. Thanks to all the people I met yesterday at the conference, and the dinner, and thanks to all those who helped with the book. Also thanks to those who have waited for this book, and have come back again, and again to find out about its release. Now it’s here. The ebook version will be coming very soon.

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