1011, 2017

Do What Thou Wilt

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Do What Thou Wilt

A circle is drawn
with a stick
on Sander’s Field…
within a far
bigger circle,
beyond the ken of
the Colonel’s knowledge.

The Eye of Providence
…is a panopticon,
where there is a
key to every cell,
and one must earn
their bread by
tooth and nail.

Poppy No-Good
provides an escape […]

2405, 2015

Nash’s Game Theory

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Gatherer of lives


Mississippi blues




Home wrecker






David Harpur Holloway



1511, 2014

Going Places

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What a fume
down the road
left in its wake
a cloud of smoke
makes people choke

Going places
up and downhill
at your will
not to kill
over bumps
round bends
give them thrills and chills

The engine roars
doing its chores
coughing and spluttering
as winter came
isn’t it a shame
if that car had […]

2508, 2014


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Tents of hunger…

…burn effigies
of the man…

…and wait for the

Kalki shawarma…

to wipe away

not a dry eye,

in the house.

The avatar arrives at

the end of the age

on a pale steed

with the sword of cleavage…

427,000 years left in the dark yuga.

Hey wicker man…,

take a […]

1203, 2014

Psychiatry Song

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Work like you don’t have schizophrenia.
Love like you’ve never been psychotic.
Dance like no-one’s spying.
Sing like no-one’s recording.
Live like there’s no apocalypse.
Fear like you’ve taken Risperidone.

David Holloway (c) 2014

1111, 2013

Beautiful Mind 2

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3110, 2013

The Digger

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David Holloway (c)

1810, 2013

A Beautiful Mind

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301, 2013

Skippy Saw A Spider

By |January 3rd, 2013|Humour, Nature|Comments Off on Skippy Saw A Spider

What is this critter running free?
What is it doing in my house?
It has a smell so strange to know
I smack, it bounces and turns
I swipe, it rolls and churns
So many legs, surely more than five
Tiny little fangs bared to my […]

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