2802, 2015

Out of Order Comes Chaos

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David Holloway & Stephen Hoper

David Holloway (c)

1209, 2014


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They say that all the world’s

a stage and the show

is, The Gong Show.

I got the hook

sooner than a lot

of other people,

and learned to shut

the hell up and be


But I realized

later in life

that the hook was

a shepherd’s hook….,

and it wasn’t over […]

2706, 2014

They’re Just Flowers

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I’d had another
pointless and
with my
mother in the
living room.

It was about not taking my
medication. I hated
myself for being
pedantic and

She’s a woman of
experience, and at
her maturity
she’s had
time to know
my faults. Her patience
was tested for the

My mum
was only
being considerate
and loving.

The truth is
when a […]

1301, 2014

A Dancer’s Prayer

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me how
to embrace
life’s dance of love
so I can once more waltz within the light.
Bless me with trustworthy partners so that
I won’t have to
dance alone.
Show me
in case I
happen to fall.
Guide my steps on my path to awareness.
Show me how to use […]

501, 2014

The Butterfly

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of all your
great potentials.
Freedom is on the other side of pain.
It may seem as though darkness is winning;
but look closely.
Facing hurt
leads to

Pam Crouse (c)

112, 2013

Secret Santa

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Santa’s costume became
the amusement for my children,
we all knew I was their father;
all dressed up in disguise.
And yet something made us smile.
Perhaps magic is the inspiration of
those who dream without limits.
They see the Xmas lights upon
a tree shinning like a […]

1904, 2013

There’s Hope

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Hopefulness appears in the frozen
shards of disaster when tears flow like a
river back to the sea. Hope exists on a
mountaintop as a climber reaches
its summit after his perilous journey.
There’s hope in charity,
therein the over-pouring of kindness
for a stranger in need.
It […]

2701, 2013

Songs of Joy

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I have songs of joy and our..

Faith is stirred, but not shaken
I take a leap into tomorrow
My tired back, is not broken
And I don’t regret life’s sorrow
I’m happy that I have peace
I can ponder, and chase dreams
I have my smile; […]

2502, 2012

Sweet Whispers

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The whisper of the wind
Innocence within our soul
Telling us of love while delivering
us protection,
She plays our senses like
a child with a toy forever
Sharing the enjoyment of youth
laughing and then smiling,
Her hands reach far and wide
as her touch is soft and […]

1708, 2011


By |August 17th, 2011|Insight, Inspirational, Spiritual|3 Comments

My heart is broken
and I miss every beat,
But He carries me home.
His love is never ending
As I fall and tumble over,
Like a rolling stone.

As darkness comes, 
I’m caught in the moonlight.
But He covers over my pain
So a million angels,
can stem the oceans […]

407, 2011

Social Media

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The rights of the people,
are not set in stone.
Our morals are eternal we
are never alone.
The fashion of today is
to share information,
and to rise above dictators
who use indoctrination.
We wear our liberal
ethics because the world
is in great recession.
And the stable hand of […]

2306, 2011

My Love

By |June 23rd, 2011|I Love You, Insight, Inspirational|10 Comments

My love is different from
theirs. I dote on your eyes and
I’m not afraid to make you smile
or laugh out loud with exuberant
sighs. My love is infinite.

It does not
depend on how you’re doing
in life. Your appearance does
not mean a thing to […]

506, 2011

Schizophrenia is…

By |June 5th, 2011|Inspirational, Living with Sz|Comments Off on Schizophrenia is…

Schizophrenia is…..
in a world of darkness who craves the light,
a hidden home for the wandering soul,
the moment before the light,
the ache in my knowing,
a love that has died but lives on in dreams,
a day that never ends,
the break of dawn […]

105, 2011

Schizophrenia is…..

By |May 1st, 2011|Inspirational, Living with Sz|21 Comments

I am going to try an idea.This new poem will be entitled ‘Schizophrenia is…’ and I want people to comment on what the next line is to make a sentence. It’s a fun poem, with an interactive feel. This is […]

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